If you're new to John Knox, a great first step to get connected is to join us in fellowship  before or after the service. Each week, we enjoy gathering together to eat, drink, talk, laugh and get caught up on the latest news together.

At John Knox, we have many unique ways for you to connect, essential to the way we minister to others. Know that you are loved here and we hold up one another in prayer. We know it's sometimes challenging to feel connected, so we've created groups we know you'll enjoy. We open up our church to you no matter how young or old you are.

Throughout the week a fitness group meets in our building, as do many other groups with whom we come alongside and serve. Women's fellowship is a time for ladies to meet, talk, pray and study God's word, while our Prime Timers brings senior adults together. And, those with musical talents will find a connection through our music and worship ministries.